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About us

National Defence Courses aim to enhance cooperation between different sectors of the society in exceptional circumstances and emergencies, and also to promote networking between people working in different fields relevant to comprehensive security. The courses have been organized by the Finnish Defence Forces since 1961.

The objective of National Defence Course is to provide people in leading positions with a comprehensive view on Finland’s foreign, security and defence policies and total national defence. Teaching in the courses is executed within the context of comprehensive security. The goal of the course is to promote cooperation between different sectors of the society and preparedness in exceptional circumstances and emergencies.

National Defence Courses are organized four times per year. Curriculum of the National Defence Course includes lectures by experts, a group exercise, and visits to different organizations relevant to comprehensive security. The course has a duration of three and a half weeks.

Participants to the courses are chosen among people in leading and influential positions based on presentations provided by different sectors of the society. These sectors include the parliament and political parties, administration, defence forces, industries, NGO’s, media, science, and culture.

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